About us

Empresas Santa Elvira offers an integral service to Chile’s great mining sector. In operating sites around the country, the company adheres to the world’s highest standards of the industry. Its management practices are based on its top technical and professional performance and an excellent working relationship with its clients. Santa Elvira operates in sites with top of the line equipment which is handled by a team of well trained technicians and professionals who are fully capable to carry out the most complex engineering projects.

Empresas Santa Elvira has a great range of machines to carry out its activities, such as drilling equipment, front end loaders and dump trucks that work 24 hours a day in every site where the company operates. Other machines include: excavators, tractors, cranes, graders and water trucks.

In a number of cities and mining sites, Santa Elvira keeps a line of well-equipped repair shops. These shops work alongside authorized brand leaders to achieve the safest and highest standards in the business.


Empresas Santa Elvira is a family business that was founded by Pedro and Nelson Prado Páez in 1969. Its main activity was road transport throughout the country. However, in order to grow, during the 80’s it began offering services to the mining industry, specializing in earthworks and transportation of explosives.

In the last few years, with the aim of developing its business potential, Santa Elvira has strongly committed to the mining industry. This has meant implementing the project of business diversification and adopting a management style based on cooperation, participation and teamwork. The goal is to develop people’s potential, constantly improving the risk prevention policies and environmental protection and incorporating technology as an essential requirement for competitiveness.

This is the right framework to face the challenges posed by the current economic situation and compete on an equal footing with the other companies in the industry.


To support our clients with our equipment, offering the highest productivity with no accidents involving people, equipment or environment, in a profitable way. Making our clients understand that relying on us is the best decision they can make.


Being recognized as a leader company in the services we offer, through a clear leadership of all our staff, especially supervisors, using as a parameter the complete and total satisfaction of our customers.

Our Principles

1) We work under controlled risks to prevent injuries and deterioration of health
2) We plan our work to ensure the optimum use of resources and the prevention of pollution.
3) We consider training as an essential tool in our company.
4) We respect the Rules and Procedures.
5) We meet the legislation and commitments subscribed as a priority.
6) We strive to increase customer satisfaction.
7) We do not change these principles for production achievements.
8) We optimize our processes and practices following a Continuous Improvement.
Pedro Prado Páez
Chief Executive Officer