At Santa Elvira we offer integral solutions to our customers. In order to be able to fulfill their needs and offer top notch services, we pay particular attention to developing engineering in different sectors, such as Mining, Metallurgy, Topography and Civil works.


Santa Elvira is leader in earthworks in open-pit and underground mining. We boast experienced employees whose technical know-how and attention to safety are the main pillars for our development in the sector.

We have different machines to carry out our work. We can offer support teams or production units, catering to the costumers’ needs by providing efficiency and quality. All this is made possible by the maintenance of our machinery and the integral management of our projects.


Santa Elvira boasts vast experience in drilling for surface mineral production. Our specialized machines can meet any requirement in the field. This, together with employees with excellent technical skills, allows us to operate in this sector providing efficiency, quality and safety in any climate and geographic condition.


Operation and maintenance of plants

Santa Elvira has technically efficient and vastly experienced staff that can operate and maintain both SX/EW and crushing plants, offering great quality and excellent results.

Integral services for mining

Santa Elvira is greatly experienced in every step of the mining production process, such as drilling, loading and transport of minerals, plant management and support services to each and every one of these steps. This experience allows us to provide our customers with integral solutions for mining, from drilling to the final product, either cathode or concentrate.